How to carry out commercial steamer repair

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How to carry out   commercial steamer repair


Every garment steamer shows problems of one sort or other as you start using it regularly.  Twisted hose, bad wiring, calcium build up resulting in the clogging of steamer parts etc. are some of the common problems experienced by many users.  By understanding some easy and simple steps regarding the repairing of your steamer, you can escape from the trouble and the burden of spending much money to the  commercial kitchen appliance service companies.

Commercial appliance repair

I am going to discuss some easy and simple steps everyone should know so that he can do steamer repair himself.

Step 1

Buy a liquid cleaner approved by the steamer manufacturer. Then pour half of its contents to the water chamber in your steamer.  Wait for two hours so that the liquid cleaner settles.

Step 2

Pour out the liquid cleaner from the steamer. Tilt the steamer many times back and forth so that the solid calcium build-up is dislodged from the inside of the steamer.

Step 3

Using filtered water rinse the steamer at least two to three times. You can repeat it several times till the calcium build-up inside the steamer is completely removed. If you feel some more calcium build-up is left continue the cleaning process till you feel that all the deposits have been removed.

Step 4

Connect the steamer to mains and check whether it is now working without any problem. You can flip power switch a few times and see whether the working of the steamer is alright now. If it is showing some problems even now, it can due to the problems related to the wiring or due to some other problems related to the hardware, which you will not be able to handle. In such a situation consult the nearest commercial kitchen appliance service center and get the problem settled with their help.

Step 5

You can also check whether the problem still exists by connecting the steamer to another outlet.

Step 6

Check whether the steamer has enough water.  Scarcity of water can lead to improper functioning or non-functioning of steamers. Similarly using filtered water can lead to less water clogging in your steamer.

Step 7

Another problem spot is the steam hose.  If the horse is twisted steam may not pass through it easily. So periodically make sure that the steam hose is straight and is not in a twisted position.

If your steamer is still not working then it is better to get your steamer repaired by a reputed  commercial steamer repair va company.

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