Selecting the best Commercial Appliances for Your Food Service

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Selecting the best Commercial Appliances for Your Food Service


If your business in the food service industry, you will need a perfect commercial freezers service. There are a number of fridges that have been designed and made specifically for commercial uses. This page looks at different kinds to help you select the one you need.

Food service business

Commercial kitchens are extremely different to domestic kitchens in that they need to be suitably designed to cope with a number of staff, they need to be capable of handling bigger quantities of food, and they need to have are made for the big commercial use. A kitchen within the food service industry can be very busy and crowded so design, space, and layout is essential in order to cook effectively, quick and rightly.

Commercial fridges will be needed to store new vegetables, meats, dairy produce and also cooked ingredients.  In big kitchens there tend to be a number of fridges. One may have meat while another fish. And there could be a third big fridge for storing vegetables and fruit. This rejects cross contamination between foods which is particularly vital when storing foods that need cooking and foods that will be served raw. No one wants raw meat juices on their lettuce.

An under counter or over the counter display fridge is best for a business that wants to display the best it is selling to customers. These refrigerated counters are particularly famous amongst patisseries, butchers, bakeries, grocers, delicatessens, and any other food retailers who are selling new produce that needs to be kept chilled while it is on the show to the public.

The under and over the counter fridges are amazing for keeping the food chill and free from contamination like dirt and dust. Also, they stop the customers from touching the food and contaminating in that way.

How to store food

Storing food rightly at the right temperature and in the best appliances is a safety and health need that must be met if a food service business is to operate within the law. Failure to save food at the best temperature or to keep food in the best manner can outcome in fines and in some cases even enforced courses.

To decide which kind of commercial refrigerators service falls church you will need, think about the kinds of food you will be making, serving and preparing in your establishment. If you are serving warm food you will need fridges and at least one big freezer to store basic ingredients. If you are making foods for retail, you will need to consider some type of counter fridge that lets you artfully show your goods so that you can attempt your customers into buying.

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