4 Important Marble Kitchen Countertop Maintenance Tips

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4 Important Marble Kitchen Countertop Maintenance Tips


Marble Countertops are a great way to improve the look and feel of your kitchen. Marble comes in different colors and designs which can make any kitchen look royal. You can go to any professional kitchen countertop contractor to tell you about the different types of countertops available. The main problem with marble countertops is not buying but maintaining them for the future so that they do not get damaged, etched or faded.

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When you buy a countertop then do ask the maintenance tips from your countertop contractor. Listed below are some of the top maintenance tips for your countertops to increase their life and durability.

Countertop Sealing

You should get your countertops sealed thoroughly as marble is a porous material and the daily spills and stains and dissolve its way inside the marble and damage it. So, a sealant is necessary. Sealing the countertop will ensure that it remains stain free. It is better to get your countertop sealed every 2 to 3 years to increase its longevity.

Countertop Cleaning

You will surely spill water and many other solvents on your marble countertop. Whenever any liquid is spilled, wipe it quickly with a damp and soft cloth or the solvent may form a stain if you are a too long.

Also, for a smooth and shiny surface, clean and wipe your countertop daily with a damp and soft cloth and also wipe and dry it immediately. Never use hard brushes or hard sponges to clean your countertops as they can cause scratches and etches on the surface. Never use acidic or citrus cleaners or any harsh liquid cleaner for your countertop as they can fade or cause discoloration of your marble. Always use a mild alkaline liquid cleaner.

Countertop Protection

Never place hot woks or plates directly on your marble as it can cause damage and cracks in your marble. Also, do not cut acidic vegetables and fruits such as oranges, lemons, and tomatoes directly on your marble countertop as it could lead to stains and fading of your marble. Put heat protection coasters and mats to protect your marble and use a cutting board to cut your vegetables. Sharp objects such as knives, forks, and pins can also cause scratches and etches on your marble so be careful when you use them. marble is a porous material and is prone to scratches so you will have to take care of it. Never wax your marble countertop as it can completely fade the color and stone of your marble.

Countertop Polish

Polish is a great option for your marble countertops Rockville MD. Invest in a good polish especially made for marble countertops and apply a coat of polish once in a while to protect it, make it shiny and increase its lifespan. You can also get it polished by professional every year. To maintain the look of your natural marble stone and to make it durable and stain free, the countertop contractors also recommend polishing your marble countertop once in every year.

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