Comprehension Of Silestone For Your Countertops

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Comprehension Of Silestone For Your Countertops


Silestone countertops are the most commonly used countertop today. Silestone is primarily made up of 90% quartz and a small amount of plastic or resin to hold it all together. This results in one of the most durable and most attractive countertop. It has a great aesthetic appeal and appearance. And the biggest of all advantage being it is scratch- resistant. It also has not pores for water to seep through it. So it is ideal for placing as countertops in your kitchen as well as bathroom.

And if you look for making your kitchen or bathroom appealing you can easily select from numerous number of appealing designs, colors and patterns. It can create a luxurious feeling at any place. A big pro of using a Silestone countertop is that you do not need to put a coat of seal over it. And hence, saving you some bucks. It is best to suit both of your aesthetic quality as well as the durability of material at your home. These properties are increasing its usage more and more these days. However apart from these advantages there are a few disadvantages of using Silestone above other countertops.

Cons Of Using Silestone For Countertops

Because of the stone amount used for preparing the stone it have high costs. But if you are choosing the Silestone or its appearance then you can look at wooden countertops which have a great appearance and are cheaper as compared to Silestone. The only problem being the cost of its maintenance.

Another major disadvantage is that it is not as much heat resistant as other materials available for countertops in the market. There is a need for using coats of other materials such as coasters or any other protective elements to protect from damage caused by hot utensils such as pan or pot. Also being great in appearance, aesthetics, life and durability it has high rates of installation. The stone being hard needs really sharp tools for its cutting and hence can cause damage to the surface.

How To Maintain Silestone Countertops?

These countertops are easy to clean and maintain. One must always make use of a soft, non- abrasive chemicals and natural cloth to wipe the surface. Any spills can be wiped- up easily. Because of the glossy and shiny surface the marks or dirt shows up easily hence, needs to be cleaned relatively soon.

To install silestone countertops Durham NC you must always look for a dealer or company providing lifetime warranty on installation of you Silestone countertop.

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