How to change the clutch of a Mercedes Benz car?

How to change the clutch of a Mercedes Benz car?


No Benz owners know what are the processes involved in changing clutch assembly of a Benz car.  As many are keen to know something about mercedes clutch repair, I am going to explain in this article how to change the clutch of a Mercedes Benz A-Class vehicle. If this process is followed the removal and replacement of the clutch can be completed within four hours.

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Before starting the replacement obtain the keys and keep it with you as is done in a scheduled maintenance. Now you will have to disconnect the battery terminals for safety. Removing washer bottle will make access to the column assembly easy. Remove the securing bracket after unlinking the gear cable from the gear mechanism and keep them away safely. Disconnect the reverse switch and remove the gearbox connection. Using a cable you can support the  fan assembly and radiator to the body. Remove the front wheels. Drain the gearbox oil after raising the vehicle to the full height.

Subframe protection frames can be removed now. Remove brackets after slackening the balls joints on sides.   Now the bracket attached to the exhaust can be removed. Then remove the side brackets used for connecting the front bumper and the subframe. Now using axle stands support the gearbox, the engine and the subframe.  The brackets used to attach the body’s underside have to be removed now. Now remove the central bolt, rear mount gear box and rear mount of the engine. Remove six subframe bolts. Remove subframe brackets of the steering rack. Now steering pump can be removed.  Undoing the wheel liner flap will expose two bolts and AC bracket. Remove them. Steering rack can be detached from the subframe using rope or axle stands as support.

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Remove the subframe carefully and store it away safely. Proper support has to be given to the pump and the steering rack. Remove the brackets used for gearbox mounting. After removing the bolts, drive shaft can be removed. Now the bolts used for securing bell housing can be removed.  Now move away from the work area after lowering the gearbox. Now you are expected to have enough clearance so that the removal of clutch can be carried out without any hitches. Now you can examine the flywheel to see any signs of excessive wear.

Clean the debris around the bell housing.  With the help of high grease make sure that the plate can slide very freely. This confirms the connection of the kit and spreads grease evenly. Clear the excess grease from the shaft. Now the clutch has to be bolted evenly and to the flywheel in the sequential order. Check for the damages or dislocation of the dowels and replace them wherever necessary. Refit all the mountings securing the bolts properly and see the clutch repair is complete. Now all the components can be refitted in the reverse order in which they were removed. At this stage do not forget to pour the correct grade oil to the grearbox. Visit authorized Mercedes repair shops as soon as possible.

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