5 Common Countertop Problems And Their Solutions

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5 Common Countertop Problems And Their Solutions


Kitchen countertops are made with great effort. Quartz installers, garnished by granite countertop companies try their level best to satisfy their customers but sometimes, problem come out of nowhere.

Kitchen countertop installation

Today, we will make our readers aware about common countertop problems and their solutions.

  1. Appearance of Cracks/Ruptured Surface

Totally spoiling the aesthetic beauty of your home, a ruptured countertop is a mess. Luckily for you, cracks start from a smaller area and then, if you are still careless, transverse from their origin.

In most of cases, you don’t have to replace the entire kitchen counter. Call granite countertop companies and let them fix your individual slab.

Following are the most common reasons of appearance of cracks:

  • Poorly glued joints
  • Countertops being installed on uneven surfaces
  • Glue has a specific settling time before it gets firm. Sometimes, you or the company does not give it enough time to firmly settle so any meagre force can disrupt the
  • Putting too much centered weight on a specific area

If cracks are small, you can fix them with adhesives. If cracks are deeper, get a drill and remove the surrounding damaged portion. Now special fillers have to be used to treat the countertop cracks. Use a filler which will work well to stick both surfaces flawlessly. Quartz installers can better help you in this one!

  1. Water Damaging Effects on Countertops

Yes, water can be deadly and its effect is even deadlier in small kitchens. It would be days before you realize that something is wrong with your counter, as water slowly and steadily, makes its way to uneven your cabinets. Water damage can be severe at times, making it a hindrance to rightly close the dishwasher.

Ask quartz installers to help you establish a vapor barrier. With no water to trespass on your countertop surface, your kitchen appliances will be safe for a long time.

Try searching the root cause of water leakage. Mostly water is leaked in form of droplets from kitchen sinks and nearby pipes. If your kitchen pipes are leaking, it is time to invest in a caulking seal.

  1. Chemical Stains and Countertops

Quartz installers can determine the caliber of your outer countertop surface by knowing the nature of chemicals you use for kitchen cleaning. Although granite countertops have a long last shining, it can diminish over time, till you think it is finally time to replace it for good. The good news is that you don’t have to replace your granite countertop. Professional granite countertop companies offer surface retouching solutions in affordable packages. You shouldn’t try it on your own, as due to inexperience, you may worsen the surface condition of your kitchen countertop.

Granite countertop companies recommend using granite friendly cleaners for everyday cleaning. When buying a cleaner, you need to read its ingredients before determining whether it is granite safe or not. For everyday usage, try soap + warm water.

  1. Increased Temperature and Its Effects

All materials of countertops are able to withstand some degrees of harsh temperature but sooner or later, they give in.

Sometimes you carelessly place a hot frying pan, straight out of flame on a countertop and when you remove it, you can observe concentric circles, reminding you of the blunder you committed. If you are not careful, your countertop will start losing its shine and may even start breaking from inside.

To fix ugly spots due to intense heat, clean a surface and apply toothpaste with a help of rubber spatula. Wait for around ten minutes. Now, get a soft bristled brush (a toothbrush can be used) to scrub the stain. Wipe the surface with a moist towel.

If you have a stainless-steel countertop, club soda can be used instead of toothpaste for stain removal. For countertops made of porcelain, use a combination of baking soda and water.

  1. Circular Marks Due to Water Accumulation

If water is remained stationary for a large time, it can bring circular marks on your countertop surface. To remove them, get a soft bristled brush and start scrubbing the stain. You can also use steel wool for exerting extra scrubbing force.

Granite countertop installation

Granite countertop companies potomac md recommend getting an extractor (if nothing seems to work). You can easily get it, in the form of a thick paste, on a hardware store. Apply it, cover the countertop with a plastic sheet, secured with tapes for 24 hours and then, rinse it thoroughly after removing the plastic and paste.

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