AC Ducts Cleaning Process

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AC Ducts Cleaning Process


Air con units in our homes and offices provide us comfort by cooling the temperature. However, they come off a responsibility. Every once in a while, you have to undergo AC maintenance, otherwise your air con units might not function the way they should. You can also hire an AC contractor who will professionally help you out.

Why Should I Clean My AC Ducts?

You drive a car – after sometime, you tune the car by changing its engine oil and filters. The car works just like knew. If you neglect the regular maintenance of your car, your car may experience from worse driving experiences.

Same is the case with AC ducts. They work continuously for a longer period of time. If you are not careful about cleaning, they may transmit fungi pores and harmful bacteria via medium of air, which could be spread in all of the house or office.

Sometimes small bugs and rodents make homes in AC ducts. They are infectious and may harm you.

What Do I Need to Clean AC ?

Following items are needed for AC ducts.

Furnace filter – vacuum – brush – screwdriver and paper towels.

Procedure of AC Duct Cleaning

  1. Covering Supply Registers

Supply air registers are openings which supply air to the room. You need to cover them by paper towels so that no dust is traversed through the openings, while you work.

For coverings, just lift the register and wrap the paper towel over it.

  1. Starting the Fan

Start the fan (but shut off the heating/cooling mode). You want a running fan to aid you in your cleaning to move away the dust.

Checking the filters:

See that your old furnace filter is at its spot otherwise the dust you are cleaning may get pulled into the motor.

  1. Cleaning the Dust in Ducts

Sometimes dust is stuck hard and is a mixture of dirt and debris. To remove the sturdy dust, you need to tap the dust via handle of the brush. This breaks the dampened dust, which is stuck inside the air duct. You can also hire an AC contractor to do the cleaning for you.

  1. Cleaning the Supply Registers

Power the vacuum and lift the register. With the help of hose, you can catch any dust which has been loosened and is now being pushed away by the fan.

As the air ducts get cleaned, you can remove the paper towels, which you initially placed over supply registers.

  1. Cleaning ‘Return Air Registers’

These are often fastened with a screw. Remove the screw via screwdriver and brush and sweep, inside the registers as far as you can.

  1. Shut Off Fan + Furnace

Shut off the fan and power off the furnace.

NOTE: Only turning off the thermostat is not a good idea as it won’t turn off the AC.

  1. Cleaning the Blower Compartment

When you have powered it off, you have to clean the blower compartment by removing the panel that you’ll be able to see on the front of the furnace. This area has bulk of dust so clean it thoroughly. Also, try cleaning the furnace fan as well.

  1. Replacing Furnace Filter

Buying a good filter reduces dust in your homes and offices but there’s a catch. The expensive the filter – the greater is the need to replace it when it gets dirty. A dirty filter restricts airflow to the fan, which in-turn is responsible for reducing the span of flower motor.

For best AC maintenance, you can hire an AC contractor smithtown ny.

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