Desktop vs. laptop vs. tablet vs. smart phone

Desktop vs. laptop vs. tablet vs. smart phone


In today’s world of limitless technology, there are virtually endless varieties of Internet enabled devices to use.  There was a time not long ago when a desktop computer was the pinnacle of technology.  As time went on the Internet seemed to expand as our technological devices got smaller and more sophisticated.  All of the currently popular forms of technology have their benefits and drawbacks, which we will outline for you here.


Desktop computers are highly recommended for those who only plan on using their computer in one location.  Many families invest in Dell computers, Windows computers or Apple computers to keep in their living room or family room.  Many desktops are designed for use by multiple users and can be customized for each individual computer user.  It is very easy to set parental controls on desktop computers to control what your children can and cannot see on the Internet!  Desktops are also very easily hooked up to other useful office machines such as fax machines, printers and scanners.


Laptops serve all the same major functions as a desktop computer but with a great degree of portability.  Laptops are designed to be carried anywhere, such as work, school, an airplane or a train.  If you do a lot of work on your computer for work, a laptop is highly recommended.  It will allow you to carry your work around with you so you are always in control!  Apple laptops are very popular around the world, as are Dell laptops Sony laptops.


Tablets and smart phones are much smaller than desktops and laptops but can have many of the same capabilities.  These machines are not ideal for activities such as extensive typing or research.  However, many people purchase tablets for Internet gaming as well as reading books and watching television shows and movies.  iPads are made by Apple and are one of the most popular tablets around.  Kindle and Amazon also manufacture very popular tablets as well.  Smart phones are in a slightly different category because they are now becoming the norm.  Smart phones are convenient for a number of reasons; you can receive email, surf the Internet, listen to music and receive phone calls all at the same time!  Smart phones are very expensive but often well worth your money.  Whichever device you decide to invest in, make sure you learn how to use all of its features so you truly get your money’s worth!

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