2016 republican primary polls

2016 republican primary polls


The distance between today and 2016 republican primary polls has decreased and is getting decreased day by day. Some of the best candidates are the part of the American election poll for next year. All these candidates are competing so strong with each other that each time different results are coming out for different candidates.


One of the most important stages of any presidential polls is the primary polls. These are conducted in different states, and one of the most important states for the election is Iowa State. For any Republican candidate, it is important to win the seats of this particular state for surely.


Voting trend of the Iowa State


Normally, the voters of the Iowa state have the trend of voting for the candidates who are famous and outspoken. Republican Party is known for its vocal character, and it is going to a great competition among the candidates for the next year election.


Some of the important sources have shown evidence that Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Jeb Bush are the candidates who may occupy the high amount of seats in this state, along with the country. But also it has been also forecasted that may be Jeb Bush may face some of the difficulties as Donald Trump and Ben Carson are much popular than Bush.


The clear winner


Maybe the results can change in nearing time, but as of now many of the TV sources and other places are claiming that Donald Trump can be the clear winner in the Iowa state. This is because Donald has very strategically hit the weak points of the common people. He has talked about the common problems of the common man and has also discussed various policies that can be helpful to people.


As per some of the sources, it has been known that he has as much as about 30% of advantage over other candidates in the state of Iowa. Also, seeing the statistics, the Republic Party states that Donald is the perfect candidate who can move ahead with the Republican ideologies. Also, this is the reason that there are very strong vibes from Donald to be in the presidential position of US.


As Donald has impressed almost half of the population of Iowa, many are claiming about his success there. Hence, it will be interesting to see that whether the  republican primary polls will provide the desired result or will come up with something else.

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