4 AC Maintenance Tips You Can Conduct on Your Own

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4 AC Maintenance Tips You Can Conduct on Your Own


Doing regular ac maintenance is a must for a long-lasting AC and a healthy life. In this day when the temperature rises, you need air conditioner to do your activity more efficiently. To keep the system in top condition in accompanying you doing activities, you will need to maintain it. Here are some AC Maintenance tips to make it long lasting.


  1. Clean the Filter

AC has filters that capture the dust and (possibly) bacteria from the air flow. The filters keep the unwanted particle away from your system and keep the air fresh and clean. But remember that the filters also have a capacity of filtering.Therefore, it needs to be clean regularly. Most cooling systems have reusable filters that can be cleaned easily even by a kid. If it has none, then you need to replace it with a new one.  The filters are usually stored inside behind the front cap of the AC and can be taken by just sliding it out. To clean it you only need to gently brush it, advisable accompanied with water for a thorough cleanliness. An AC with bad air (dust, perfume, etc) tends to get its air filters clogged faster so you need to check them once in a month.


  1. Keep the Units Spacious

AC blows cold wind by recycling the air around the AC itself. That is why you need to maintain the environment near it. Do not put things that can block the air flow into the AC. They release the cold at the same time as they release caught hot air into outside. The one with air flows blocked will generate less cold and forcing the AC into working its fan harder to generate the exact temperature. This can exhaust the motor. It will shorten the life span as well. There is also an outdoor unit for most of them that works as a coolant tank that supply the cold temperature for the indoor unit and releasing the hot air caught by the indoor unit. This outdoor unit generates heats when supplying compressed coolant for the indoor unit. Therefore, the environment of the outdoor unit also need to be paid attention so the it will not get overheat and broken.


  1. Clean the Fins

Fins on AC are the many – thin-paper like – metal parts responsible for smooth air cycle. The indoor unit’s fins help in distributing the cold to the airflow easily while the fins on the outdoor units help releasing heat more quickly. These fins are sometimes filled with dust or other little particle that can clog them and reduce the performance of the AC. To prevent this, the fins need to be cleaned with brush or water if possible. Avoid high pressure water because it can damage the fins. And also, you need to straighten the fins if there is bent since it can hamper the air flow.


  1. Contact Your AC Contractor

Besides doing AC maintenance the unit by yourself, you are also need to get the help of the expert for things you cannot do alone. Freon levels (the source of the cold), sensor (a little thingy that is responsible to keep your AC blows the desired temperature), and electricity are the things that need the expert touch.They also help in maintaining the cleanliness of the inside of the AC that can only reached by removing the casing of the AC. That is too hard to do normally. It is recommended to get the help from your ac contractor ronkonkoma you bought the AC for warranty.

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