What You Need to Know about Emergency Tree Removal

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What You Need to Know about Emergency Tree Removal


Emergency tree removal is often a necessity, especially after hazardous weather conditions that cause trees to fall that can lead to very dangerous situations. Declining trees that can no longer be saved or dead trees near residential properties must also be removed before the start of a windy storm which can possibly knock them down.

Each year, there are plenty of trees that end up falling on houses, vehicles, structures, power lines, buildings and others. This is what makes it imperative to get them removed sooner than later to avoid any serious and risky damages.

Is tree removal Covered by Insurance?

There are instances when your insurance company will be the one to foot the bill for emergency removal of a tree in your property. This happens when the tree feel on a structure such as your house, fence, shed, or car. It is generally when a homeowner must get in touch with his or her insurance company to get some help.

These insurance companies have their own list of preferred companies that they can recommend to the homeowner. You will then have to call to get a free estimate for performing the work. In certain cases, if a tree fell on a house, the insurance company will suggest a general contractor who will handle all aspects of repair which include finding a reliable service for cutting trees.

The Removal Process

If a tree has fallen through a house, the removal is often conducted within hours after the occurrence unless if it is too dark outside and rain pours down at 3 in the morning. If this is the case, a tarp is placed on the part of the house damaged to serve as a block off during the night until daytime comes. The estimate and the emergency removal job will be completed the moment the sun rises in the morning. It is definitely safer to conduct emergency removals of trees during daylight hours.

There are a lot of emergency removal scenarios and local companies are instantly available to help the clients. Once the fallen tree has been removed from the property, a contractor will enclose and xi the hole in the roof. Fixing the damage is completed by another contractor and is separate from the removal process.

Hire Real Experts to Remove Trees

To carry out a job as complex as emergency tree work, a local tree service must have the right equipment and expertise. There are a lot of times when strong storms sweep through metropolitan areas, causing major tree damages. It is not a secret that the tree industry is among the most dangerous in the world. Getting the help of a fully insured and licensed professional service is an important necessity. Major injuries and lives are lost each day in this business. It is always a priority to hire well equipped, experienced and reputable company that can complete the job in the safest way possible for your own peace of mind.

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