What You Don’t Know About Slate Roofing

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What You Don’t Know About Slate Roofing


Roofs are the most important part of buildings as they provide a support for shelter. Without a roof, the building is of no use. So they are designed in different ways. Multiple trends are popular and one of them is the slate roofing, according to roof repair services.

Things to know about roofing repair

Designing a Slate Roof

Before you roof repair services on your roof, you need to consider a number of things. Environment, wind and the exposure to the weather are some of the important factors that determine whether it will suit or not. In coastal areas or where wind is usually speedier, the slate roofs are damaged way earlier than in other areas. So always consider these factors before starting slate roofs.

Size of the Slates

When it comes to the size of the slates, they come with different dimensions. Usually, small slates with standard size are better and preferred by slate roofers. This is because repairing becomes easier when you have installed small slates on your roofs. Slates with bigger sizes are difficult to remove and carry and then transport to the ground and vice versa.

Fixing Slates

The only standard method to fix slates is to use nails. The nails cane be of aluminum alloy or copper, silicone bronze or stainless steel. The other method used for fixing slates on the roof is to use hooks. And the hooks are very common in France and Belgium. However, whatever method you use, take care of the adjustment and the slates should be fixed properly.

Buying Roofing Slates

When you have to buy roofing slates, try to go to the shop with a slate roofer. The roofers know better about slates, their quality and reliable retailers. There are many people selling poor quality slates that will cause a lot of trouble in future. Moreover, buy only from the standard shops with affiliations to the brands. The size can be decided depending on what you need, smaller or bigger slates.

Walking on Slate Roofs

The slate roof repair services always recommend to their customers and home owners that they should take good care of slate roofs. Walking, movement or running on such roofs damages the slates. They are broken and the whole adjustment is damaged. This should be considered while you work on the slate roofs. The best way is to hire slate roofers who do these works in better ways.

Life Expectancy

This is the best thing about slate roofs that you can remove and put them back without any damage to the roof or proportion. In case you have some issues and want to repair those and you need to remove the slates, you can do that but with great care. Removing one slate means disturbance of the nearby slates. And they last for years. They are really durable if installed properly.

Hire a Slate Roofer

This is for people who want extra surety of their work. There are many roofers twinsburg who provide excellent slate roof repair, installation and other services on reasonable rates. If you are new and have no idea about slate roofing, we recommend that you should hire someone who can do this work with ease. It needs care and you should only do such tasks when you have already done or are sure about its success.

Broken or Missing Slates

We have said that slates last for decades and they can provide over 20 years with ease. However, damages happen to all sorts of roofs and so is the case with slate roofs. You should be careful. No one should be allowed to walk on the slate roofing and movement must be restricted. Inspect the roofs for any possible issues and repair them immediately. It is better to remove slates, that are broken, and install new ones.

Benefits of Slate Roofing

Finally, we want to highlight some of the benefits of slate roofing. People think they have other options for roofing too but why they should try slate roofing. Here are some of the best reasons.

  1. Beauty and aesthetic value of the house that attracts buyers
  2. Slate roofing is durable and has maximum longevity
  3. They endure the environmental conditions better than other roofs

Easy to install and fix the repairing and maintenance issues

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