Tips on how to seat your wedding guests

Tips on how to seat your wedding guests


If you plan very well about this matter under consultation with the party tent rentals agencies you will be able to find a good solution to this problem so that every type of guest will due consideration, recognition and suitable seating position.

Things to know about party rentals

In a wedding function where only 25 guests are coming and buffet type serving is planned, one may not need any seating arrangements at all. But when there are more than 75 guests at least and seated meal is being served you will have to decide the seating arrangement so that everybody gets a place to sit. As many kinds of guests like relatives, friends, siblings, colleagues etc of both the bride and the groom will be among the guests, it will b a tough time to arrange proper seating positions for them.

Start wedding preparation early

It is very important to start charting the seating arrangement well in advance. There are some cases where the seating chart was finalized only the previous day of the wedding. This will definitely cause hardships and inconveniences for the bride and groom as they will be tired. Make it ready at least one weak prior to the wedding date. Of course, one can make last minute changes if needed.

Create a new spreadsheet:  Insert a column in your spread sheet, if it is not there, to indicate the relationship of each invitee to the bride and groom like bride’s friend, bride’s parents, brides siblings, brides relatives etc. Groom side parties can also be sorted out like this. After sorting out you need to make two separate tables.

If you want things to be more specific you can go for a paper trial.   For this you can draw circles representing tables on big paper sheet and write names of the persons in each seat’s space around the circles. For this you need to know where the tables will be laid and how many persons can be comfortably seated around a table that will be available in the hall for the wedding reception.  You can also stick notes containing the name of the quest around the table.

Traditionally head tables are long and straight and not round in shape. It is usually set up on dais or along a wall and will be facing all the reception tables. The newly-weds sit in the middle so that everyone can see and maid of honor sits near the groom and the best man will be seated next to the bride. Actually you don’t have to follow this pattern.  You can make all bridesmaids sit near the bride’s area and all the groomsmen can be allowed to be seated near the groom’s side. It can be in some other form also like all the wedding party sitting around the tables and newly-wedded couples being seated at the sweetheart table.

Usually groom’s parents and bride’s parents sit at one table with grandparents. If any of the parents of the bride or the groom are divorced and do not want to sit together, then such parents will be required to sit separately. This would require more parent’s table. Parent sitting is a flexible matter which can be devised in any way suitable to the needs of the individual cases.

There can be some cases where the family members do not speak each other.   May be during the last wedding they would have come together, quarrelled and went. It is still continuing.  You may want them to be seated away from one another.  Take a note of cases like this and make special allocations for such people before you start making your chart.

Provide reunion time: In a wedding celebration all the school and college friends of the bride or the groom should be allowed to sit together so that they get an opportunity to meet again and renew their old friendships. This will be a great opportunity for such friends to meet again, remember about the good old days and introduce them each other and their life partners.

With this type of meticulous planning only one could  make the wedding function a great success and ever  lasting memory with the help portable stage rental ny.

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