How to install a wedding tent?

How to install a wedding tent?


Once you have decided to decorate the wedding tent to make it gorgeous, there are lot of easier and simpler methods which can be done as DIY activity or with the help of party rentals.  You can decorate the ceiling of a wedding reception tent, by using organza or tulle yardage.

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Tulle yardage is always recommended as it does not have finished edges. It gives a light airy feel. It also gives more intimate feel than any other fabric used for this purpose.    If you have a handle a sewing machine, then organza will be giving you more shimmer.

Ceiling drape

Starting with a round hoop at the center of the tent will be the best thing to do. Make a slit in it so that your fabric can be allowed to slide through it. Fold your fabric three four times and make a pocket by stitching it. Now you can allow a length of the fabric to hang from hoop down the pocket. Then, bring the fabric near to the ceiling and the wall and fasten it correctly in place. This process can be repeated and a full tent effect can be obtained with three or more fabrics on every side of the hoop.
If you are scary, these works will be done very beautifully by table and chair rentals around the corner.

Draping the walls

Draping your walls can increase the overall effect of ceiling draping.   Extend your pockets with the string onto strong wires that helps you to fasten them at the end of the walls.  Allow the fabric pool to be little lower than the bottom of the wall. So when you cut the fabric let it be little longer than the normal length.

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Draping tables like head table, cake table, other special tables etc is easier and convenient methods to bring magical touch to your wedding reception. You need only some pins or threaded needle to accomplish this. Start attaching your fabric to one corner of a table and then proceed lengthwise till the next corner is reached. Repeat this until draping is completed on all sides.  For dish tables draping is necessary on the visible side only if it is placed near a wall behind which nobody will go. You can also attach bows at the fastening points to hide them and give a pleasing look.

Brides and bridegrooms who wish to make their wedding day awesome need to spend time studying various methods to increase the appearance and attitude of the wedding tent rentals rockland ny function.

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