Is online marketing better than print marketing?

Is online marketing better than print marketing?


In this day and age, online marketing is absolutely essential for a thriving company.  The Internet has become integrated into every corner of our life, whether we like it or not!  With the invention of such diverse social media platforms, we are able to reach a variety of people never before thought possible.

With a single web page you can reach everyone from a teenager browsing the Internet to an older professional doing research for a project.  If you are going to run a successful business today, it is absolutely necessary to appeal to your client base through online marketing techniques.


It seems that every day, more and more forms of social media are popping up all over the place.  For example, Facebook has become a part of every day life in a way that no social medium ever has before.  Millions of people across the world visit Facebook every day.  With an active Facebook page, your business will be able to reach thousands more clients from your area that you would through print media alone.  Although there are still a number of successful print publications currently in circulation, print media on the whole is on the decline.  It is being replaces by giants such as Facebook and Twitter, which people also use to gain more information about local businesses from fellow patrons themselves.  We highly recommend building an active Twitter page to garner a list of followers who will subsequently see all of your company’s updates.


Using online marketing and social media, you will be able to connect with your customers in an unparalleled way.  Through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, your customers can provide you with valuable feedback that might otherwise only be available through a focus group.  To maximize your local exposure, you must take full advantage of all the social media at your fingertips.  If you only use print media to appeal to your client base, you will surely get left in the dust!  You may want to consider hiring a full-time social media expert to manage all of your public pages.  This way, your customers will feel they are interacting with a real human being and in turn will feel more cared for as a customer of your burgeoning business!

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