What to do After an Abortion

What to do After an Abortion


Abortion is a surgical procedure that needs aftercare, which is why you have to know what they are before going through it. Find out more about this now


Almost all pregnancies are unintended because of the unplanned pregnancy rate, and it is not surprising that 1 out of 4 women have an abortion when they are 45 years old.

If you know that you are pregnant and not unexpected, you will go through some emotions. In case you think that an abortion is what you need, there is an after care you need to know about.

Here are the after care tips you have to do if you get an in clinic abortion procedure:


Not all women experience bleeding and others might have bleeding that goes on for 2 to 6 weeks.

  • Bleeding might be spotty, dark brown, and there are clots.
  • Most of the time, no bleeding happens for the first couple of days right after the abortion, then there are hormonal changes that cause bleeding. That is because a heavy period happens on the 3rd or 5th day, and more cramping.
  • If there is heavy bleeding, then you must do deep uterine massaging for about 10 minutes. You have to take ibuprofen, then take a heating pad, and do not move around much.
  • In case of heavy bleeding for more than 3 hours, you should call your doctor.

Sex After Getting an Abortion

After getting a pregnancy termination dc, regardless of the type, it is normally advised that you let 2 weeks pass before you have sex again or putting anything in your vagina. This will lessen the risk of infection and it is crucial in after abortion care.

If you have unsafe sex after an abortion, contact your doctor or local clinic to ask what to take so you can prevent pregnancy.

In case you suddenly feel a sharp pain while having sex after the procedure, contact your local clinic. If they think it is not an emergency, they could still schedule you to have a follow-up.

Rest if You Have to

The emotional changes your body goes through might make you feel drained. You should not hesitate to take it easy for a couple of days until your body feels normal again.

If you experience painful cramping, taking pain reliever such as ibuprofen helps minimized the discomfort. This is the same as applying a heating pad to your abdomen, or you can take a warm bath. Reducing your stomach gently reduces pain and helps you pass uterine tissue.

You should avoid strenuous activity, including intense exercise such as running, for at least a week after the abortion. You have to abstain from sexual intercourse or inserting anything in your vagina to prevent any kind of infection.

The abortion clinics will not hesitate to give you after care tips, but knowing what they are in advance helps you prepare for it. Having a companion with you also helps.

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