Seven day’s diet plan for flat belly

Seven day’s diet plan for flat belly


Festivals are nearing and it is the best time to start dieting as you can now avoid great eating liabilities. It is possible to reduce considerable amount of excess weight within this seven days. All you have to do is to follow these simple rules without any beak for seven days and follow meal plan for weight loss for making your belly flat.

Best weight loss tips

Wondering what is CRAP? C stands for caffeine, R represents refined sugar, A stands for alcohol, and P represents processed food. These are not essential for your body. Not only that, they are bad for weight reduction.  So if you can keep yourself away from all of the above, the lose weight programs will become successful faster. These are the four groups that obstruct formation of flat stomach. They make it difficult for the fat to burn as well as for making your belly flat.

Treat yourself

You are already working hard and it is giving you good result. Enjoy a cheat meal once in a week so that you will not feel deprived of satisfying your taste buds.  Ice-cream, chocolate fudge etc are delightful and enjoyable. Including them in your cheat meal will do no harm. It will only help you to speed up your metabolism.

Take fish-oil supplements

Fish oil found in sardines and salmons is bliss in disguise. They are loaded with omega -3 fatty acids, the essential nutrient for everyone. If these are not available in your area you can go for its supplements which are readily available in the market. These will help to burn fat and lead to flat belly.

Do not skip breakfast.

Most people do not know the importance of breakfast in weight loss programs and hence they think it will be easy and beneficial if one can skip breakfast. Make it a routine to eat breakfast within one hour of waking up. Also make sure it contains all the possible essential nutrients for human body

Do not eat anything after 8.00 pm

There is adage advising you to eat breakfast like a princess and to eat dinner like a beggar.  After 8.00pm, it is the time when the digestive system is getting ready to shut down. So it is better not to eat anything after 8.00 pm to help the body to digest whatever is left inside the stomach.

Swap your food

It will be good if you can swap some food items with their variants as part of your meal plan for weight loss for making considerable changes in the shape of your belly.  It will help to make your belly flat without much effort. Some pointers are given below. Follow some of them and see the difference.

Mere swapping food items with other versions can change your life. It will help you in making  your belly flat belly. Try the following pointers and notice the difference on your own.

Avoid fizzy drinks: Carbonated drinks are not good for belly. Swap them with green teas and juices

Don’t eat raw vegetables: Row vegetables find it difficult to get digested. So eat only steamed vegetables.

Cut salt: Water retention can create a puffed belly. Salt attracts water and causes water retention and puffed belly. So avoid salt as far as possible. With this you can lose weight fast.

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