Reasons to Get Handmade Rugs Instead of Machine Made Rugs

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Reasons to Get Handmade Rugs Instead of Machine Made Rugs


Turkish, Persian, and area oriental rugs frequently mean more to their owners than being just a décor to a home or any personal space. Aside from being an investment in an artwork, every rug tells a story of the artist who made it, the place where this originate and the quality of the workmanship, the latter being related directly to its technique and materials.

The rugs that are machine made bear none of those indicators with exclusion of the materials that will be covered later. For this reason, there are many reasons why you should choose handmade rugs rather than machine made ones.

Handmade Rugs Always Tell a Story

Machine-made rugs, as the name implies, are actually produced in the factories, often on complex looms that are solely run by computers or a combination of both automated labor and manpower. These designs of the carpets are usually programmed on the software of the machine and mass produced in the hasty manufacturing process, which ensures higher profitability for business. On the other hand, handmade rugs are produced by an artist who’s either a first generation weaver or from experienced craftsmen and women who pass skills down through artisanal or ancestral relationships. Due to this, the tapestries and rugs often feature designs that are a continuation of storylines and motifs that have been translated over some generations with each one making some improvements.

Handmade Rugs Have Unique Origins

Like the story of the rug, the place of origin of the rugs plays an important role in both its value as an investment and inherent value. Even if the machine-made rugs are produced sometimes in the places well-known in the history for rug manufacturing, their construction method effectively takes away from the real cultural as well as value-related significance of where they originated.

However, oriental, Turkish, and Persian rugs produced by hand are intertwined beautifully with the location where they’re woven. Whether your carpet was produced by hand by a weaver on the outskirts of the Sultanabad, Pakistan or finely made in Savonnerie workshop, the origin of the rugs is attached to both its story and artist.

If you are amazed on how great handmade rugs online are, it’s the best time for you to explore more of its beauty. Shop around online or in local rug stores in your area and get the best one that comes with the best story.


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