How To Tint Your Car Windows (DIY)

How To Tint Your Car Windows (DIY)


So, you have finally decided to get your car windows tinted but do not want to spend a few hundred bucks on labor? Well, we have got you covered with this DIY guide on car window tinting. It is so simple that you can take up the task as a weekend project. Let’s begin with all the stuff your project is going to require.

What You Need Car Window Tinting?

Before we begin explaining the method of car window tinting, there are a few supplies other than window tint film that you’ll need to give your car the upgrade. Pay a visit to the nearest hardware store to get a lint-free cloth, a scraper blade, razor knife, a heat gun (or you can make do with a hair dryer), a squeegee and a tint film application solution.

The car window tinting process cannot be performed in an open space or under extreme cold or hot weather. We would suggest you do this in side your garage as it provides a perfectly balanced and dust free environment.

Step by Step Guide of Car Window Tinting

  1. Start by applying the application solution on any one of the windows from inside. Be careful not to spray on the door trims. Now use the scraper blade on the window, running it from top of the glass and slowly bringing it down to the bottom. This should help clear any grease, smears or marks from the glass. Just avoid pressing too hard or you might scratch the glass. Do the same thing with the squeegee to clean off any remaining dust or smears.
  2. Spray the application solution on the same window but this time from outside. Roll the auto glass tinting film over the window. Make sure the protective layer of the film is facing outside. The sprayed-on solution would hold the film firmly in place, allowing you adjust and cut it to size without the need of any awkward movement. You can use the razor knife along the lines of the window for a precise cut. An added extra tip is to round off the corners while cutting. This would prevent them from peeling off of the window.
  3. Use the heat gun (or the dryer) to apply hot air and shape the tint film in place. The heat helps in stretching and reshaping the film to fit the window perfectly but the perfect fit also depends upon how you managed to cut it in the last step. It’s not done yet. You just have a perfectly cut piece of tint held on the window of your car. Slowly and carefully remove it from the window and lay it on a flat, dust free surface. If possible, spray some water on the cut piece of tint film or the surface so it doesn’t stick to it.
  4. Now comes the pasting part. Remove the protective liner from the tint film and spray the application solution on its adhesive surface. As long as the film remains moist, it can be easily placed on the window and moved around to perfectly fit the window frame. But you need to make sure you hold the film as loosely as possible or it could tear with the lightest of movements.
  5. Place the film on the inside of the car window and use your squeegee to apply balanced pressure. The best way to approach this is to start from top center and slowly make your way to each corner. You must make sure that all air pockets and creases are completely flattened out. An added hand to provide the heat from the other side of the window will make this step much easier and give a lot smoother result.
  6. If you find any extra film flimsily hanging or stretching out of the corners, file it off carefully. It is quite effortless. Do not, in any case or scenario, try it cut it off with a pair of scissors or a knife. A slight mistake or slip of hand would spoil all your hard work in mere seconds.

There you have it. You have completed auto glass tinting springfield all by yourself. Grab a beer to celebrate your success or drive your car around and show off your car window tints to your friends.

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