How to avoid unnecessary commercial dishwasher repairs

How to avoid unnecessary commercial dishwasher repairs


Many people have a wrong notion that the commercial dish washers are very sturdy and are designed to work continuously for many hours and they will never create any opportunity to go and get help from commercial dishwasher repairs. If your commercial dishwasher is an old model 3 phase one, there can be some problems as there are smaller parts which can easily become faulty. If you do not understand this and take some preventive steps the problems may become worse. Inside of the dish washer will become hotter and hotter leading to its eventual breakdown. So in this article I am going to explain one easy, simple and not so expensive method to keep dishwasher protected from damages or problems that may arise from the continuous usage of commercial dish washers.

What can be done easily and successfully is to change the damaged motor and replace it with a new one. This will surely cost you around one third of a new dish washer. If you are diligent you could have found out the problem in the starting point itself and got the motor checked up by a technician. He will check out to see whether the control relay RSTB is intact. RSBT is designed to protect motors from some important faults which are listed below.

Faults checked by RSTB

    • It monitors the rotational direction of all the phases.
    • If one or more phases are not working, RSBT will detect it.
    • If the voltage is low by 10 %, it will be detected.
    • Similarly excess voltage by 10 % will be detected.
    • It will also detect phase asymmetry.
    • If any of these conditions occurs the relay operates. And the relay is released if any on these conditions fails. To avoid momentary failures and short interruptions a time delay is provided in the relay.

Time delay

A selection switch is provided in the RSBT to set time delay according to the user’s choice and convenience. With the help of this switch, time delay for 0.1 second to 10 seconds can be set. When supply reaches the rated value, the relay gets re-energized and starts operation. By buying one such control you can save yourself from the trouble of changing the motor each now and then. It will cost only a meager amount as compared to the price of a motor.

So whoever wants to avoid unnecessary commercial dishwasher repairs is requested to buy an RSBT and keep him secured from unnecessary problems.

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