How a Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help Mitigate Cases of Domestic Violence?

How a Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help Mitigate Cases of Domestic Violence?


Domestic violence is an act of intimate spousal violence that could be verbal or physical, and could involve threats or actual acts of beating up a partner in a committed relationship within a domesticated environment. You might have lived in such an abusive relationship or have been the abuser, and need a lawyer to help you with the legal proceedings that might result from such occurrences. Find out how a qualified assault defense attorney can show mitigating circumstance for your behavior and draw empathy from the court.


When a boyfriend or husband catches his partner cheating or vice-versa, there can be crimes of passion. Even a calm, timid and generally non-violent individual might react in an aggressive manner and can cause severe harm to the partner who is cheating and even to the person he is cheating with. Extremely violent arguments and behavior can result from signs of infidelity, and the law takes a lenient view in such cases.

Sexual slavery

This is when a man compels his girlfriend or wife to carry out sexual acts so that he gets favors from his boss or friends. In time, she turns into a sex object who can be passed around anytime her man needs to get something done. She can get angry one day, and badly beat him up or even kill him. In such cases of domestic violence, the law treats the woman kindly.

Abuse of kids

If one of the partners has been abusing the children in the family very badly, such as beating up or sexually molesting kids under the effects of alcohol, the other partner could use verbal abuse such as threats or even physical violence in order to defend the kids from further abuse. This can be regarded as a mitigating circumstance.

Retaliation after constant abuse

In many cases, a partner suddenly snaps after many years of constant physical or verbal abuse, humiliation, insults and other maltreatments and suddenly hits back at the offending partner – resulting in the person being severely injured or even dying. A good attorney can extricate you from such situations and show that the act of violence was not planned in cold blood.

Financial troubles

If one of the partners gambles, or becomes a frequent substance abuser or takes drugs and brings his or her family closer to bankruptcy, there could be intense arguments that can escalate into violent behavior. The offending partner might be harmed severely. A qualified dui defense lawyer explaining the reason behind such happenings with concrete proof can lead to a reduced sentence or penalties.

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