Hair Color and Highlights: Exciting Options for Everyone

Hair Color and Highlights: Exciting Options for Everyone


A hair salon offers a lot of exciting hair color and highlights options which can give volume, style, body and texture. Depending on your preferred color treatment, hair color revamps or completely overhauls your look. An expert hairstylist will be able to provide you with different types of hair color treatments which depend on the look you want to achieve. So yes, it is so much more than lowlights or highlights. Well, there’s so much more to it.

Permanent Color

If you like a full head of color, this is the perfect choice for you. The only drawback to a permanent hair color is the bigger chance of hair damage because of higher hydrogen peroxide exposure. Once you started to get a full head of color, there is simply no turning back because new growth of natural hair means constant color corrections and touch ups. Letting a professional hair stylist do the job is the most important thing, especially if you have virgin hair.


This is probably the most famous coloring technique in salons. These add texture to your hair and are more compatible with almost all natural hair colors. You can get highlights over tresses with existing dye and on uncolored hair. Highlights can be used to emphasize the best features of your face or frame your rounder face. The technique is also a statement when two or several contrasting colors are used together such as pink, purple, green and others.

Twilighting and Lowlights                        

This technique aims to give depth or soften your hair. Lowlights can achieve the best results when they come in darker and warmer tones. On the other hand, twilights yield the finest outcome with the lighter shades. Whatever it is, both techniques help achieve lighter or darker hair in a subtler way.

Temporary Color

As its name suggests, the color on your hair will stay for just several days to a week. If you are not ready for a big change yet and you like to test out several looks, a temporary color is the best way to go with no need to cause a lot of damage to your tresses. Temporary color dyes can come in paste or shampoo form.

Hair Color Correction

It is a special method for touchup needs for the colored tresses. Certain salons refer to this as veiling since this involves the application of a thin pigment layer over the current one to liven and brighten up the hairstyle. This technique uses semi-permanent dyes but it will depend on the existing state of your hair and the stylist.


Double Processed Color

Finally, this technique should be done with extra care since this can cause damages to your follicles. This is something that can give you dramatic results yet this involves several processes which primarily strip away the natural color of your hair. In general, bleaching must be done to have a blank canvass for your preferred new pigment. Hair salons Potomac md suggest that you go through hair consultation and analysis before you get this treatment.

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