Determining between air conditioning replacement or repair

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Determining between air conditioning replacement or repair


Having your ac working or ac technician during summer months is vital. If you have your unit serviced all through the year, then you can catch any big issues before they cause your unit to shut down. With some air conditioning repair problems, it might be simpler to just change the unit instead. So when is it time to change the unit instead of just repairing it?

When to fix  air conditioner

AC repair is general for units that are less than 10 years old. In systems, this new, parts are still trouble-free to get. That means they will cost a smaller amount than trying to find parts for an outdated unit. Further, your technician will be more familiar with the technology that is already fixed.

Fixing the issue also is affordable than changing it. On average, you will spend $4,000 in order to change your unit fully. Repairing the system costs on average $300 to $500, which is an important saving.

You can use the age of the unit, and multiplied by the repair cost to determine if it is top to simply change it or call an ac repair technician. If the total cost comes to more than $5,000 then it is time to change your system. For example, if your unit is just eight years old and the repair cost is $300, then the full comes to $3,000 making it better to fix the issue rather than change it.

When to change air conditioner

Definitely, air conditioner repair only jobs if the system stays fixed for an important period. You don’t want to have to continually change the same part because the unit is just not functioning right anymore.

If you use the $5,000 rule and conclude that the maintenance call multiplied by the age of the unit is more than $5,000, then replacement is the top option. Further knowing what your unit uses as its refrigerant can support you determine if you need to change the system. Older units use chlorofluorocarbon, which is destroying to the atmosphere.

Further, older units are not as power efficient and can use thirty percent more electricity. Even if the ac repair cost multiplied by the age is less than $5,000, you may still want to consider a replacement is the system is more than 8 years old because of the power usage; you will keep money on your power bills. It is the best suggestion to listen to your contractor when she or he assesses the situation of the unit. Take recommendation from your ac repair service va provider.

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