Common Mistakes To Avoid When Building Outdoor Fireplace

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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Building Outdoor Fireplace


Who doesn’t love a well-built outdoor fireplace or outdoor brick barbeque? This simple addition to your home can add more spirt and life to the overall setup. An outside fireplace if your chance to build countless new warm memories with family, friends and loved ones. So it is definitely a worthy and notable addition to make to your home. However, since building a fireplace holds so much value it is urged that you know all about it before getting it installed at home with assistance from an expert outdoor fireplace contractor.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

If you get in touch with an expert outdoor fireplace contractor and talk to him about your idea of building a new fireplace for the outside of your home – he will surely have a lot of creative and innovative ideas to share with you in this regard. However, these experts do not highlight the common mistakes that can make any worthy fireplace lose its spark. This is why we are dedicated to point out all mistakes that you should avoid at all costs when planning an outdoor fireplace or outdoor brick barbeque.

  1. Starting Things Without A Plan

The worst mistake and often the irreversible one is that you start things off without having a solid construction and design plan laid out beforehand. Building an outdoor fireplace is all about planning and detail. You should always have a clear plan laid out to follow.

  1. Glass Choice for Decorative Purposes

Of course fireplace is not left on its own and we go the extra mile to make it look pretty. That is fine. However, when you pick the glass for decorative purposes; make sure the glass is heat and smoke resistant.

  1. Lack of Space

Lack of space around the fireplace is the last thing you want. A fireplace should be the center of a spacious area where people can sit around it and get comfy. Getting a fireplace popped up in the middle of a walkway is not the ideal choice to make.

  1. Fuel Efficiency

This is probably the last thing on our mind when we are planning the masonry project. However, this should be one of the first few things that we are concerned about. Are you making the wrong fuel choice? This can turn out to be a very serious mistake. Remember that an outdoor fireplace means you would be using it a lot and for hours on end. So fuel efficiency is the key. Wood should always be preferred over gas.

  1. Going Down the Expensive Route

Hiring an outdoor fireplace contractor is not wrong and we surely do not discourage it. However, if you are not experienced at this you need to be extra cautious because some people can lack experience whilst they claim expertise and charge a lot! Hence, you need to make sure that you don’t go down the expensive route because building an outdoor fireplace should not be very pricey. It can easily be done within an affordable price range. lagrass

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