Central Air Conditioning Buying Guide

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Central Air Conditioning Buying Guide


HVAC companies are ready to boom with business as the summer approaches. These days more families and business owners are opting for central air conditioner repair units instead of having a split AC in every other compartment.

Things to know about Central Air Conditioning

There are a number of benefits that air conditioning companies will make you aware of if you choose to install a central unit in your household. However, you need to make an important assessment of how much you use this amenity and whether this grand expense will, in the long run, save you maintenance cost etc. and provide more comfort.

Energy efficient air conditioning

The following are the major aspects you need to consider before you buy a central air conditioner.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Electrical equipment has a very important prerequisite today; it needs to be efficient and each installation needs to be such that it helps you massively cut down on your energy bill.

The unit used to measure this efficiency is known as the SEER (Seasonal Energy-Efficiency Rating). This rating tells us how much cooling the air conditioning unit will provide us with in the hottest of seasons. Usually a rating of 15 and above is considered to be acceptable, so make sure this requirement is met with.

  1. Size

HVAC companies often go on to explain how the people feel that, with split AC, the aspect of bigger is better comes into play. While that may not necessarily be untrue, bigger also means that you are inviting greater electricity costs to your place. In addition, you will also realize soon after installation that the purpose is not to make a super cold uninhabitable environment; it is to make the environment inside as pleasant as possible.

Size guides are available online, but it is a good idea to call a representative from your targeted company and ask how many tons you should be looking for.

  1. Keeping Upgrades in Mind

If you are among those who already have a central air conditioning system installed at their place, it is not necessary that you get a system with the same specifications for the house once again. Get a representative and have the place inspected again.

There are a number of factors that can lower your need for having a very heavy, costly system involved. For example, if in the recent years you have invested in insulated windows which can lower the overall temperature in your household, or you have compartmentalized and made more rooms are your place you might have to go with a less powerful system with more vents.

The upgrade will include you having to replace the ducts, expanding or contracting their faces, or entirely changing the central unit. Make sure that the specifications you are told of do not cost you more than you can afford, and look at overall performance and not just massive cooling at the cost of no savings.

  1. Installer Review

Air conditioning companies are tied in a race to get as many satisfied customers as possible, and so they are trying to improve their performance by the day. As a consumer, this is great news for you because it puts you in a position to bargain and reduce cost, and gives you a wide array of companies to choose from.

This is where you need to go for an extensive research project where you contact neighbors, friends, and work associates, etc. to check how their experience with these companies has been. A good way of deciding on a company is to check what prices they charge, what brands they recommend, and how speedy and safe their work ethic is. If any of your associates speak highly of the same company, you can draw reasonable conclusion there.

  1. Seasonal Discounts

The last and perhaps the most vital bit is to assess how much you are willing to pay for having a central unit in your household. Budget is not something that can be tossed aside, and many people recommend that the better time to get these installations is in the colder season.

Air conditioning companies will, therefore, be liable to give better discounts off-season. Hire the best AC repair technician in Smithtown NY. Start by searching for these discounts online, check reviews, and see if you can manage the project with as less expense as possible.

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