Bring Back Your Beautiful Smile with Single Tooth Implant

Bring Back Your Beautiful Smile with Single Tooth Implant


The missing tooth in your mouth will make your smile look horrible and your health may also suffer on the account of such missing teeth. Your chewing will get compromised and the food particles often get lodged in gums, which cause dental problems. A single tooth implant offers you the ideal solution for all those problems.

Such implants are attached to your jaw line just like normal tooth is attached except with the aid of the titanium post. The implants will be integrated with the rest of your tooth and you won’t only get that ideal smile back, yet you’ll also find it simpler to feel natural and easier to chew inside your mouth.

How Does Implant Procedure Works?

For a dentist to place the replacement tooth effectively in your mouth, a foundation is needed to be set. In order for it to happen, small titanium post should be attached to the jawline. Then, this post has to sit there for several months so it becomes a natural part of jawline. In other cases, a part of the implant might need to be opened up to get proper foundation, yet this step is not necessary always. When the foundation is prepared, the crown will be attached to it. The crown will feel like and made to look the rest of your teeth. If the crown is attached, you’ll have to take care of the new implants for several weeks and you may forget that it’s in your mouth.

Why Consider Dental Implants Over Some Procedures?

Dental implants use the latest technology to make your new tooth feel and look exactly like your natural teeth. For people who have bridges or select to get bridges attached, they’ll find that the bridge is fixed with the use of the help of an adjacent tooth. It means that added pressure is put into the surrounding teeth. In case of the dental implant, the new tooth alone stands and doesn’t affect other tooth. Dental implants are also better for the sake of bone. With teeth bridges, the bone might start to deteriorate in the long run. The gums could start to recede and this provides the bridge unpleasant look after a while. You will not face any of such problems once you opt for a dental implant. Such implants may be kept clean and they’ll look good even tons of years later.

The dental implants for replacement of single missing tooth and multiple teeth missing have become a routine for the dental implantologist as tooth fillings are at your family dentist. People who have single missing tooth will get an exceptional replacement solution, which can help you prevent problems in the future. For people who have a number of teeth missing, dental implants may give them their smile back. Aside from that, their self-esteem and confidence will boost.

Although dental implants can be costly, you can always find cheap dental implants. Some people travel to other parts of the world just to save some of their expenses from this procedure.

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