7 Useful House Inspection Tips

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7 Useful House Inspection Tips


There are some important things to know about house inspections according to real estate agents and house inspectors. Let’s know them!

Importance of inspection in real estate business

  1. Hiring an Inspector is Not Mandatory

Generally, the real estate agents recommend some very good home inspectors as soon as you finalize the deal but you should know that it is not a mandatory thing. You can do that yourself too as it may save you a lot of money. Or if you feel the need of a proper inspector then you can even discuss with your friends and family to get you the reasonable one. Also, it is good to interview them properly to judge their professionalism and integrity before hiring any. This will make you carefree during inspection as they will follow all the standard things to make thorough inspection of your to be new house.

  1. You Must Be There During Inspection

No matter you have hired a professional inspector but make sure to be there with them during inspection so that you can be sure before making any final decision on buying a new house. Though realtors always make sure to perform this duty with the inspectors and they also tell you not be worry much but it is always good to be there so you can be all comfortable with the results.

  1. Read Your Home Inspection Report Thoroughly

Don’t forget to read your home inspection report thoroughly as you might miss something that you can’t afford to be there once you move in. Make sure the checklist in the standard format is all filled and reported and look for the extra things they have mentioned in the remarks section if it okay for you to proceed or no. Also, take a consent from your real estate agent as well as in what they think about some particular thing that is making you a bit uncomfortable maybe.

  1. It’s You Who Will Take a Decision on Pass or Fail

Regardless of hiring a professional inspector for your new home inspection, remember that it is you who will decide either the report is pass or fail. Because you are going to live in the house and somethings that might be acceptable as per the standard format of inspection report but make you uncomfortable then you can make it fail as well. You might face some resistance from the realtors here but you have to be very firm with your decisions as buying a house is not something you can do after few months again. It is a long term decision so be very careful when you are making any decision regarding the pass or fail result of the inspection report.

  1. Always Re-inspect the Repairs Highlighted in First Inspection Report

There must be some repairs highlighted in first inspection report in any home so make sure to re-inspect those repairs before closing the deal. It is very important as you might miss them and get it checked after moving in and then you won’t be having any option than doing it yourself. Any repair has a lot of cost associated with it so make sure not to fall for this trap through verbal communication and check it yourself before moving in. Also, you may ask your real estate agent for this as well as they are equally involved in making this deal as you are so they should be responsible for this too.

  1. Don’t Interfere Too Much with the Inspector During Inspection

Well it is understandable that buying a house is a big decision but interfering too much with the inspector during inspection might irritate them and they miss some important points to note. It is against your favor obviously so it is better to let them do their job and you can check it in the end if you need anything extra to be checked.

  1. Don’t Skip the Inspection Even If House is Newly Constructed

Sometimes when the house is newly constructed, the realtors might advise you not to go for inspection. But no, don’t do that as bypassing this step might make you regret later. Regardless of being it a new house or old, it always requires a thorough inspection to be done before closing any deal. There are chances of some repairs or need of new things to be added which are basics of any home which could be missing. So it is always recommended to never bypass the inspection step.

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