Signs It’s Time to Call Professional Septic Cleaning and Pumping Service

Signs It’s Time to Call Professional Septic Cleaning and Pumping Service


When you have a septic tank, it’s a fact that it will need septic cleaning at one point. This is because proper maintenance is the secret to ensuring that your septic tank, and all the rest of the systems in your house run the way they are supposed to. See to it that your septic tank gets the cleaning it needs once every several years. If you fail to clean it on a regular basis, and just leave it alone for decades, you might face a pricey problem the moment you finally decide to get it cleaned.

But, how do you really know that it’s finally time to call a septic pumping service? Check out these signs you have to watch out for:

Has it Been 2 or 3 Years Since You Last Pumped Your Tank?

A good rule of thumb as far as pumping your septic tank is concerned is to identify a baseline as to how often you have to clean this out. Depending on the size of your tank, the number of people living in the house, and the age of your tank, there might be varied protocols as to how often it will need pumping.

Do You Think That Tree Roots Clog the Drainage Tile Lateral Lines?

You have to ensure that the trees around your property don’t cause any mayhem underground. Roots of trees can lead to blockages in pipes, and the septic tank is not an exception. You have to get in touch with professionals to help you identify if trees are affecting your sewage system.

Do You Expect Many Visitors in the Future?

When you anticipate heavy use of septic system for a long time, and it has been some time since you got your tank pumped, it would be a great idea to clean it first to prepare it for heavier sewage influx.

Does Your Yard Look Wet Despite the Absence of Rains?

Search for soggy spots of grass as well as standing water. It might indicate that septic system failure or overflow has taken place.

Is There a Bad Odor in Your Lawn?

If you have a failing septic tank, you will know it right away. Observe the smell in your lawn. If your tank hasn’t been cleaned for some time, the lateral field could get overwhelmed, and spew nasty gases to the air.

Watch out for these signs, and contact a drain contractor NY sooner than later to avoid regrets in the end.

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