Domestic Violence Lawyer: Breakdown of Costs

Domestic Violence Lawyer: Breakdown of Costs


Asking how much it costs to hire a domestic violence lawyer is a great question because their fees could be quite exorbitant, depending on whether you have a felony or misdemeanor case.

There are numerous factors that criminal defense law firms use in order to identify how much it costs to solve your case. But, the cost of hiring a defense lawyer ranges from around $3500 to as much as $20000. The great news is that many law firms today are more than willing to work out payment plans for clients in which you put down a certain percentage then pay every month until your balance gets paid off.

The initial step being recommended that you should take if you have been charged with domestic violence is to call a lawyer right away. The charges for domestic violence are not a simple laughing matter so make sure you consult with legal experts for free.

Factors Which Affect the Cost of Hiring a Domestic Violence Attorney

Some of the common factors which can determine the cost of your case include the following:

  • Experience level of the attorney
  • Court location – civil court, criminal court, and family or divorce court
  • Whether you have a previous criminal record of some kind or not
  • Whether you have a previous domestic violence case
  • Whether your case is misdemeanor or felony
  • The number of charges which are involved, whether one or three counts of felony or misdemeanor
  • Possibility of the case being taken to trial or not

The Cost of Not Hiring Legal Experts to Represent Your Case

It is not always the best way to worry how much your case your will cost you. There are instances when people try to represent themselves in the court just because they are afraid of the financial expenses associated with hiring a defense expert. But, it is a must to remember that it will cost you more if you don’t hire a lawyer. When you lose while defending yourself, you are also going to lose your job once convicted, your gun rights, and your child visitation or custody.

When you lose your case because you opted to go DIY instead of hiring a criminal defense attorney rockville, you will also get subjected to several weeks of mandatory domestic violence classes, high fines, more jail time, higher probation period, lose your professional license, and lose the ability to land a job or housing if you get a felony conviction.

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